Packaging solutions for granulated and powdery products

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Charcoal packaging machine

Are you looking for a charcoal packaging machine? Or are you searching for a company who can overhaul Fawema and Cetec packaging machines? Then we can help you! We have an extensive range of devices available to meet the requirements of your application. 

Overhaul charcoal packaging machine

One of our principle activities is the overhaul of unsed machinery. Verti Pack BV has experienced engineers. We are based in Breda, the Netherlands. We work with Fawema and Cetec packaging machines, set them up for production with new or overhauled weighers and new bag closing systems. In our opinion one doesn’t always have to consider a new packaging machine when an overhauled one can be very suitable for the job which needs to be done.

Packaging machinery for granulated products

Nevertheless, we are in the process of developing our own new design of packaging machinery for granulated products with twin magazines which will double the production speed. We deliver packaging machinery for granulated products such as Cat-litterCharcoalCoffee powderFlourPaperPetfoodPowderSugarWood pellets and more. 

Wide range of packaging machines

When you need reliable bagging and packaging machinery, Verti Pack offers you the perfect solution. We offer horizontal machinesvertical machines and auxiliary equipment. Besides these new packaging machines, we also have used machinery in stock and we overhaul machines. We offer a wide range of devices:


Do you need a wrapping machine for charcoal packing? Or do you want to overhaul your own devices? Verti Pack BV is more than pleased to assist you! If you want to receive more information about our products, you are welcome to contact us at any time! We will design the most suitable and efficient solution according to your specific requirements! 

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overhaul cat litter packing machine

Horizontal machines

View our horizontal machines:  the ULF-TEC UM 40, the ULF-TEC UM70-4, the ULF-TEC Role packer and the ULF-TEC UM70-6.


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cat litter packaging machine

Vertical machines

One of our main activities is the overhaul of Fawema and Cetec packaging machines, and setting them up for production with new or overhauled weighers and new bag closing systems.

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Auxilary equipment

View our auxilary equipment, namely stand alone Auger filler, Volumetric filler, weighers and collator and thermo tunnels.


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Fresh food processing

Verti Pack is a young dynamic company with deep roots in the fresh food processing industry.

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