Fawema FA 10 L with 2 auger fillers

Manufactured in: Germany
Manufacturer: Fawema
Year of manufacuring: 1996
Type: Fawema FA 10 L 
Packaging material: Paper pre made bags (SOS Bags
Min bag size:
Max bag size:
Speed: max 40 bags a minute depending on product, bag quality
Currently set up for: Powdery products like Flour
Closing system: PLK
Dosing system: 2 Auger Fillers

Flexibility at the Highest Level
The concept for the FAWEMA Fa 10 series of machines is based on the FAWEMA chamber transport system with effective product compacting. The most varied products – be they in powder or granular form – can be filled and processed in combination with suitable fillers.

Fawema fa 10
The Fawema fa 10 packing machine can also be equipped with weighers or volumetric fillers for packaging granulated products in powder or granular form. Typical examples are flour, tea and sugar.

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